Pia Neises was born in Cologne, Germany.
She studied tap dance at Woodpeckers Tap Dance Center with Brenda Bufalino and BarbaraDuffy who are her greatest inspirations.

Pia’s solo performance highlights include teaching and performing at the Düsseldorf and
Heidelberg Tap Festivals, dancing with The Symphonic Orchestra of the Opera Dortmund to the music of Westside Story, Thomas Marek’s“about tap vol. 1″, which premiered at the Tanzhaus in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2005, „about_tap vol 2“, with Thomas Marek, Brenda Bufalino, Sarah Petronio, Josh Hilberman and LeeLa Petronio, at the Hamburg „Kampnagel“ and Stuttgart, Germany in February 2006.
Pia was a founding member of Susan Hebach’s, “Tap Collective“, a founding member and a featured dancer in Thomas Marek’s, “Funked Up! The New Power Of Tap“. “Tap Express“, directed by Robin Tribble, and with Brenda Bufalino’s, “American Tap Dance Orchestra“ and Barbara Duffy & Company at the New York CityTap Festival 2001.
Pia was also a member of Brenda Bufalino’s, “International Tap Dance Orchestra”. In Germany, Pia worked with “Tap It DeeP”, a tap dance show using midified tap sounds, as well as with the all female group, „Chili con Tap“.
In Cologne, Pia teaches at her own studio and is on faculty at the High School of Ballet. She has taught workshops all over Germany, as well as in France and the Netherlands.

“Sweet feet that can’t be beat, sugar and spices and everything Neises.”

  Josh Hilberman, Boston

“Pia is one of the most dynamic tap dancers today. Her flashy footwork, musicality and joyful energy Make her an incredibly exciting dancer to hear and to watch.”

Barbara Duffy, New York

“Pia Neises is a master of strong softness. She is dancing with soul, feeling and vitality.”

  Ludwigshafener Rundschau

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